Taking Advantage of My Readers Bwahahaha

Hey all – over the last few weeks Little Ms. Muffin and I have been thrilled to be able to share our love and baking a food with you :)

This morning in my in-box, I received an e-mail from a friend of a friend who’s doing their senior design project on bakeware with cool to the touch handles.  Having used an internet survey for some of my own research for school in the past, I’d like to pass on the kindness others had done for me by passing this survey on to you.

Thank you to any of you who fill it out, or pass it on.  To the rest of you – no hard feelings – come back for more delicious recipes soon :)



2 Responses to “Taking Advantage of My Readers Bwahahaha”

  1. Emily Laing Says:

    Hello, “Betty,” :o)

    Just wondering- do you know if this product would actually be available eventually? Because I would definitely go out and buy this stuff. Just took the survey- hope it helps!

    And thanks for that black bean brownie recipe. I’m planning on surprising some classmates and seeing if they can tell the difference!

    Your devoted reader,

  2. bakingchicas Says:

    Hey Emily – thanks for taking the survey! I’m not sure about when/if the product will eventually be available, but I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything more!

    Hope the brownies come out well! <3

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