Squash Soup

I’ve come to a conclusion over the last week or two… fall is my favorite season.  As a general rule of thumb, I avoid picking favorites, but fall is just so perfect :)  Cool enough to break out your sweaters and scarves, but not so cold you avoid going outside.  The crisp smell of bonfires in the air.  Red, orange, and brilliant gold leaves on the trees and on the ground (Not quite as bright in Oregon with all the ever-woods, but any good New England girl can tell you fall foliage at its peak puts even the most lovely of spring flowers to shame).

Perhaps my favorite part of this bitter-sweet lingering goodbye to summer and hello to winter, is the food.  Pumpkin pie and apple cider (and apple cider doughnuts :D).  Turkey and stuffing.  Not to mention finally having a good excuse to pull those hearty soups and stews out of the back of your recipe box.

So it was this morning, when greeted by a whole stand of squashes at the local farmers market, that my fall senses started a’tingling and I got the sudden hankering for butternut squash soup.  As I poked through all the squashes however, I was met with something even awesomer than butternut squash:  banana squash!

Twice the size of the butternut, and about the same consistency, this squash turned what usually boils down to about four bowls of soup into a whole big pot of it :)

So if you enjoy fall as much as I do (or maybe even more importantly if you don’t… yet) try this soup!  It’s deliciously easy and the perfect fall meal :D

(Turbo and Baby agree.)

Squash Soup

1 banana (or two butternut) squashes

1 fist garlic

1/4 c. butter

4 chicken bouillon cubes

1)  Peel fist of garlic, leaving cloves whole and set them to simmer with the butter over medium-low heat in a large stock pot.

2)  While those are warming up together and filling your house with the most delicious scent ever, cut and clean your squash – cutting off the rind and pulling out the stringy center – leaving you with uniform (1 inch) cubes

3)  Add the squash and bouillon cubes to the pot, cover it with water, set to medium heat, and simmer away at least 1 hour (but really you can go all day) until squash in tender.

4)  Use hand mixer to puree, and enjoy! :D


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