Parm Poached Eggs

parm poached eggs

Have you ever seen the movie Runaway Bride?  It’s one of my favs, I can’t help it – I’m a sucker for RomComs.  Throughout the movie we see that Julia Robert’s character almost marry a bunch of different guys that are as different as night and day.  With each man, her personality changes to follow them, reflected by her egg choice.

At the end of the film, she sits down and makes eggs all different ways and finally decides for herself that she likes eggs benedict, and hates all other kinds.  I myself –  I’m a poached eggs kind of girl (but the whites have to be fully cooked while the yolks are set but still bright yellow…. ok, ok I’m picky…).

poaching pods

The other day my aunt came home with these adorable little silicon egg poacher baskets – just crack the eggs into them, float them in boiling water, and cook away!  Inspiration struck as I decided to try a variation on a favorite recipe of mine from Cathy at The Noble Pig – eggs in bread bowls (more on these later).  So tasty and convenient – these little babies avoid all the mess usually associated with poaching eggs.  Not to mention they’re a good alternative to The Noble Pig’s eggs in bread bowls recipe for those of you watching your carbs (unless of course you serve them with toast like I do….).

Parm Poached Eggs

2 eggs

2 poaching pods

grated parmasan cheese



1)  bring a medium sized sauce pan of water to a medium boil.

2) crack eggs into poaching pods and top with parm, salt, and peper.

3) Float in boiling water and cover.

4)  Poach 4-6 minutes depending on desired softness

5)  Remove water using tongs (don’t burn yourself!)

6) Enjoy!


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