Movie Theater Brownies

Last weekend, my cousin Katie convinced me to go see Paranormal Activity 2 at the movies with her.  After buying tickets we made our way to the concession stand and ordered drinks, candy, and popcorn.

Me:  One medium popcorn please.

Clerk:  Do you want to make it a large for only a quarter more?

Me:  Sure, why not?

I’m not sure why it is, but I’m a sucker for this move.  A quarter seems so trivial, and after all, what if I really did want more popcorn?  Well – as predicted I came out of the theater with a good amount of popcorn still in my bag – just about the difference between a medium and a large in fact…

I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been on a “use every part you can find” kick.  At any rate – I was determined not to let my quarter go to waste.  at first I was tempted to make popcorn balls, but in the end my chocoholic heart won out.  So I present to you – movie theater brownies:

<3 Betty

Movie Theater Brownies

1 batch of your favorite brownie mix

left over popcorn from the movie theater

2 cups M&Ms (whatever other candy strikes your fancy.

1)  Make brownie batter as directed

2)  Add movie theater leftovers

3)  Bake according to recipe.


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