Pumpkin French Toast

My cousin Thomas and I have something in common (more than our last name and dads with terrible senses of humor…)  We love breakfast – pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles… it’s all oh so delicious.  Over Christmas break, Thomas was home from college, and managed to open my eyes to yet another facet of that wonderful, and oh so important first meal of the day – french toast!

In my past experiences, french toast had always been a soggy, chewy thing, only redeemable if stuffed with something delicious.  Thomas, however has made me see the light… light and airy, fluffy and delicious… I think it may be my new favorite breakfast food.

Now, you all know me… I can’t help but try to improve on other peoples’ recipes, or make things my own variation on a theme (exhibit A: eggs in bread bowls).  Now, in the last entry I shared with you a good recipe for pumpkin bread, but it yields two whole loafs…. which is a lot of pumpkin bread.

Pumpkin bread…. french toast…. pumpkin bread… french toast…. LIGHT BULB!

Enjoy :)

2 eggs

a few tablespoons (or a healthy splash) milk/half and half (I’ve never measured, but according to Thomas, this should be enough to lighten the color of the mixture from that of scrambled eggs, but by no means should the mixture be white

a splash of vanilla to taste

1)  Mix egg, milk, and vanilla in a shallow bowl

2)  Heat skillet with a Tbsp. of butter over medium heat until the butter starts to sizzle.

3)  Quickly douse both sides of a slice of pumpkin bread in the egg mixture without dilly dallying ( If you let it soak too long, you’ll have to cook it longer and it will be icky.  That’s right.  Icky.)

4)  Cook doused pumpkin bread 2-4 minutes on each side just until browned.

5)  Enjoy as is – no syrup needed (although some powdered sugar would probably make it pretty for guests)


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